Brian Nac is back on! If you clicked on this page, congrats!!! You are awesome, and want to listen in on how much fun with have recording our reoccurring sessions!  On this one, we discuss the Vegas Star Trek Convention and what all goes on there.  How he met Simon Pegg and his autobiography Nerd Do Well.  I highly suggest getting it for a good read, and you can order it HERE if you want from Amazon. (Who gives me like 2 pennies back if you buy it there. 🙂 We also chat about the New U2 album controversy, and play a song off that album. Jenny Lewis’s album which I have the pictures below from it, and how she was a childhood actress in some of your favorite movies. I am not telling which, you just have to listen to the awesomeness, of all the nerdy things we rap about. HERE is the link to the music video Just One of the Guys, starring Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart. Very interesting stuff here folks.  Here is the link to the upcoming Pittsburgh Comic Con!
Nac comes on as a regular to my show to discuss everything we both love, and also plays some new or old music, that you may want hear, I know I do.   His next session will be around Halloween where we will be playing the more sad bastard Ryan Adams songs, and discussing B horror flicks that we love so much, and that you will for sure want to watch! Join us next time, but in the meantime….

Please post nerdy things you would like us to discuss in upcoming episodes, we will give you a shout out, and answer any questions you may have for us during our next session. Also feel free to share and spread the love, because we feel more people should have the experience of listening to us talk. 🙂 Cheers!

PODCAST#8 BRIAN NAC SESSION 2 chatting about Nerdom by Marta On The Move on Mixcloud


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