#32 Frick Art and Historical Center- Then and Now.

Marta On The Move visits Frick Art and Historical Center

When I was young, the holidays always revolved around a certain outing, a trip to “Clayton”. Growing up in Pittsburgh, I feel a lot of people have that same experience. Touring the grounds and mansion surrounded by glittering lights and music to catch a piece of history.  Now that I am older, I started taking trips there more frequently than just the yearly snow covered journey.  Through traveling to other cities, I have gained a new appreciation for The Frick.

“Clayton” was the house built on a 5 acre plot for Henry Clay Frick and his family.  They resided there from 1882 to 1905.  They then moved to New York, but kept their home in Pittsburgh.  Phil and I recently visited their New York home, and even though the art collection is quite amazing, we found ourselves finding a new respect and love for “Clayton” in Pittsburgh.  The main reason, being is that it is private, and intimate, showing you a life almost stopped in time.  All their original belongings are present, not something that was placed in the space to fill a gape from that time period.  They were all personal to the Frick family, and being able to view their everyday objects in their house is something you will appreciate when you visit other historical homes that have reproductions, or borrowed antiques.  Also, I am not even touching on the car collection, which is indeed staggering. The main reason I wanted to feature them on my podcast is that The Frick Art and Historical Center is doing more than just maintaining the Frick’s belongings.  They are evolving with the times, offering more exhibits, education, and entertainment for their visitors. Their Fridays at the Frick have me so excited!  Tune in to hear the news about the history, and upcoming events happening at “The Frick“.

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2 Armor - View at Braddock's Field


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