#30 Whiskey Rebellion with Professor Buzzkill

About a month ago, Jim Beam  and USBG partnered up and sponsored an event to allow bartenders, and folks in Pittsburgh be more aware of the history around them.  They rented a large bus and took us all on a tour of the Whiskey Rebellion.  I had never known the history of this area, and the role it played in stabilizing the economy, and making some of the best whiskey in the world.  Professor Buzzkill has a podcast of his own, and is part of our family up at Epicast TV.  He debunks myths about history, so I thought this would be the perfect episode for him to sit in and chat about the Whiskey Rebellion, and if there were any stories, or myths that may have shifted over the years.  Be sure to check out the Whiskey Rebellion Festival July 9-12 this year.  They have bands, food, fun, history, and of course…. whiskey.

Stay tuned for a video cast with Bobby “G” Gleason, Guiness Book of World Record holder for making 253 drinks in under 60 minutes!  He tells us more about how to make drinks at home, and the history of our area.

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