#27 Dinner Lab Comes to Pittsburgh

Dinner Lab is sweeping the U.S and hitting up major cities as a social dining experiment that pairs up chefs, with adventurous diners, looking for a new great experience in community and food.  It is all very mysterious which adds to the appeal.  People interested in attending a meal must first become a member of Dinner Lab for a yearly fee.  They are then given a list of meals that will be available to purchase.  You will not know the locations of the meals until the day before the event.  The locations are, also, never held in a restaurant.  They usually are scouted for in advance by Dinner Lab, and could include, an abandoned church, a mill, office warehouse or any other interesting locales.  It makes for a spontaneous and magical experience for the diners.  Tables are set up community style, and you get the chance to mingle with others, while enjoying cocktails, and dinner set in an area you would not otherwise find yourself in.  I really love the concept, and I hope they stick around town. Mario Rodriguez and Kevin Zeener sit down with me to chat about why they choose to bring Dinner Lab to Pittsburgh, what they do for the company, and explain how the whole process works.  Check out their Dinner Lab website to get more details!

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