# 25 Bobby Fry

Bobby Fry is co owner at Bar Marco and Livermore here in Pittsburgh along with Justin Steel, Michael Krena, and Kevin Cox.  Their food and drink menu has been taking the city by storm. Listen in to hear the story of how a guy straight off of Wall Street decided to open a bar with his best friends from high school, and make it a huge success. (My dream!)   His new no tipping policy that started in April has been talked about for awhile, hear it from his point of view on why he thinks it is the best option for everyone involved, and also his new plans for Pittsburgh. He co-founded the weekly Food Revolution Cooking Club at the Barack Obama Academy high school in East Liberty, plans to rock food trucks this summer, and that is just the tip of the Iceberg.  I have to admit,  I am pretty excited about what is coming up myself.  Stay Tuned!

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