#24 Kylie Prymus of Games Unlimited and Ben Shulman

Marta On The Move sits down with Kylie Prymus, owner of Games Unlimited, and local game designer, Ben Shulman.

April 11th is International Tabletop day!  In honor of that I am releasing this podcast FOR THE LOVE OF GAMES!  If you didn’t already pick up on it, I love boardgames, and everyone in Pittsburgh should have been to, or at least heard of one of my favorite places on Earth, Games Unlimited. Located on Murray Ave in Squirrel Hill, Games Unlimited is a treasure trove of wonders for the brain.  The first time I walked into this store, my world got flipped upside down.  I found myself craving game nights with friends, rating different games, and looking at different strategies for a game about sheep, wool, hay and ore?  What happened to me?  I guess I have always had that gamer in me.  I love video games, but I found myself craving more human contact, and going out to the bar every weekend, just wasn’t cutting it anymore, I needed alternate brain stimulation.  Games Unlimited provided that, and I will be forever grateful.  Go and check them out TODAY.

Another friend who I met on this lovely road of gaming, is Ben Shulman.  Ben is a local game designer himself, and he has his published games available at Games Unlimited.  The amount of time, thought, energy, and creativity it would take to create such a thing is beyond me.  I love that he is so candid about his achievements, and he was nothing but welcoming when I showed up to my first game night alone at Hambones for Obscure Games.  Please go to support him and his games!  Listen below to check out this awesome episode.  I had so much fun recording with these guys, and hope to have them back on to chat about the latest game trends!  Check out Games Unlimited Here!, or stop by to pick up a copy of Ben’s game, VICI!

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