#22 JhonPhillipp Yonan- Muv Integrated Physical Culture

Marta on the Move learns some self defense with JhonPhillipp Yonan.

Since I travel solo frequently, I wanted to do a special piece that features self defense. I believe it is something, not only women should learn, but men too. Jhon, not only being my best friend for the past 20 years, is also an outstanding teacher. Which is why I went to him to guide me. Jhon trained at a company called Inpax which also teaches self defense in Sewickley, and North Hills, and has an extensive background in martial arts.  I was very proud of him when he opened up his own company called Muv Integrated Physical Culture here in Pittsburgh.  His gym changes the idea of how people work out. He is always looking to fix the root cause of a certain pain, weight loss goals, or over all strength training.  He works with the research to help make your body stronger, without doing damage to it, and to take care of yourself in the long run.  Him and his staff are great, and the self defense works into all of these ideals perfectly.  What I learned from him will help avoid conflict, be more confident, and to assess the situation you may find yourself in.  Plus in the class I got to beat up on him a bit, which is always fun.(We are complete goobers.)  Check out his gym if you get the chance, especially if you tend to travel alone, and listen in on my cast with him.  We joke, we drink,we chat, we talk Harry Potter, and how if you can’t do magic, self defense is the next best thing.

Marta On The Move will be featured on KDKA News Radio 1020am chatting about self defense in the next coming weeks.  Stay tuned!  Subscribe on Itunes, Follow on Twitter, like on Facebook, or listen in on The Epicast Network,
Check out this great book about personal security as well.  A lot of useful tips.


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