#90 Kellee Maize and Jimmy McNichol

#90 Kellee Maize and Jimmy McNichol

 Kellee Maize is a sensation on the internet.  This white female rapper, singer, and song writer has over 9 million downloads, and continues to grow that number daily.  Maize is the number one person that pops up in your browser when you search for female rappers, and is about to release her 7th album since 2008.  This one woman powerhouse is far more than just her title though.

In 2006 Maize started her own events, and marketing company called Nakturnal . Since then she has become a live speaker, advising startup companies in the music industry, and a Huffington Post contributor on how to make music affordably.  Maize is also an activist, using her music to speak out for women’s rights, and her personal political views.  Her music parody “Make Love Not Trump” , is a personal favorite of mine. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the icing on the cake is, she is also from Pittsburgh.

Maize’s rise to success was not an easy one, and I came upon finding this talented lady, because of a video that popped up on my browser.  Jimmy McNichol’s Close- Knit Family and The Daughter Her Never Knew He Had.  I knew of McNichol’s from my mom, and from my childhood.  He was “The face you see everywhere”, youngest producer at 17, childhood actor, singer, and dancer. Brother of Kristy McNichol, Jimmy, and his sister were the most sought after Hollywood duo of their time. McNichol went on to star in various productions such as Little House On The Prairie, and was the highest paid TV actor on California Fever.  

While watching this video, I couldn’t believe the story that brought these two ridiculously talented father and daughter together.  When I found out Maize was from Pittsburgh, and heard her awesome song off her new album “Crown“, I had to meet her to hear her story, and this path she created for herself as a successful artist, business woman, and straight up courageous human being to take the journey to find her father.

I have given too much away already.  What I haven’t given away is Maize telling you the story in her own words, and the phone call we surprised Jimmy with on the show.  You will hear about how these two found each other, and are now creating projects together such as starring on Decker: Unsealed.  Also what they have planned for the future, and  I can tell you, it is going to be a lot.  Tune in to hear the whole story on Marta On The Move Podcast, and follow Maize on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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