Marta On the Move Interviewed for Yinzperation Pittsburgh!

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Kate Stoltfus does interesting interviews with people in Pittsburgh.  Check her out online, a fun way to get to know local people in town!


Marta, Marta, Marta.
So energetic. So fun.
I met Marta at a tequila tasting at Verde. I”ll admit it was her signature colorful glasses caught my eye, but when she started asking really thoughtful questions and I knew I’d really like to meet her.
I introduced myself after the event and we ended up having dinner together with our husbands at the bar. I learned we have a mutual friend Jhon (remember him?) and we share a love for the Florida Keys … especially if we get to visit during the Pittsburgh winter.
Another fun fact I learned about Marta is that she has traveled all over the world, and her prefered method of travel is going solo. She has worked on tomb excavations in Sicily, dove the Atocha, and helped to restore a 10th century castle in France.
No big deal, right?!
Marta has recently embarked on an interview series of her own on her podcast and blog, Marta on the Move. (Yes she’s already interviewed the Mayor!)
If you love to hear about good food, adventures, and travel, be sure to keep tabs on Marta. Enjoy her Q&A!
Name: Marta Anyse Napoleone Mazzoni
Job title: Sales Manager at Aldo’s Foods Service Inc. / Blogger, podcaster
Neighborhood you live in: Crafton, Pa
Coffee Shop Drink of Choice:  Espresso, no sugar, no milk
Current Shampoo Preference:  Baking Soda/ sometimes switching it up with California Baby Shampoo.  Don’t laugh, I had an allergic reaction a while back.
Why do you choose Pittsburgh as your home?
Was born and raised here. I work with my family, and we love each other. We hang out together even after work.  so it would be hard for me to move away from that. Also, I love watching where the city is going, I see great things happening here, and I want to be a part of it.Who do you spend your time with?
My best friend is my husband Phil, we love hanging out together- cooking, pickling,fermenting and brewing, dancing, hiking, you name it. I also have a lot of different groups of friends in the city, and I absolutely love them all for their personalities and interests. Salsa dancers, Swing dancers, Board game groups, fermenting groups … there are just so many amazing people in this town.What are your favorite aspects of your job?
In a way I have two jobs, but they intertwine. I love getting to know people, when I was little I wanted to have a Dear Abby column. haha. In sales, people and food go hand in hand, and I love both. In Blogging, the same thing appliesDo you have a soul food?
That is tough. Anything my mom makes.  I am lebanese and Italian, so you could say Lamb and Pasta with a side of hummus. Nachos is a close second though, I always crave them.
What are some of your recent personal goals?
Start my blog and podcasts, getting them where I want it to be, house renovations, and a regular meditation cycle. Also to find the best pair of winter boots and socks, my toes and fingers go numb in 50 degree weather! Not sure if this applies as well, but my dream is to save up enough to be able to disappear when it gets super cold in the winter. Depart from mid January – April to the islands. Maybe live on a boat.What are your favorite Pittsburgh restaurants?
Pound for pound I love Meat and Potatoes, it just has the whole package. Gaucho Parilla in the Strip is amazing, Avenue B, Il Pizziolo (Mt Lebo location) Shouf’s Cafe in bridgeville, Little TokyoDescribe your ideal day.
Wake up to no alarm, Phil and I head down to Espresso a Mano, go for a long walk, meet friends for brunch, play a game in the afternoon,  light tapas standing dinner at a bar with drinks, wine tasting, dancing of any kind for hours. You did say ideal day 🙂What is the most memorable live show you have seen in Pittsburgh?
New American Music Union show in the Southside works. I just remember being blown away at the use of that space. I still wonder why they haven’t done one again.What do you think Pittsburgh will be like in ten years? What do you love most about the city?
I think Pittsburgh will be a force to reckon with in 10 years. I see more housing being built, more green space, small businesses thriving. I see the Downtown area finally turning into what it should be.  I am also hoping for some new options of transportation.
I love the people. Period. I have been to a ton of cities domestic and abroad, and we are overall some of the best people out there. I think we are one of the most welcoming cities.
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