#111 Greywalker Metal Band- Brian Howe and Ricky Zimerman + Surprise Pop In Guest Nick Miller and Ashley Bianca Corts

#111 Greywalker Metal Band- Brian Howe and Ricky Zimerman

When someone asks me to describe metal music, I can’t. I know zero, zip, ziltch about metal bands. I have a friend in Pittsburgh who is part of the Epicast family named Brian Howe that intrigued me when I found out he is the lead singer of a metal band in Pittsburgh called Greywalker. 

Brian and I have hung out occasionally, he always saves the day for my lack of technical audio skills.(He has mad skills) We even recorded a short 1 minute video where I taught him why he should pack light while he travels.

Brian has a soft spoken voice, and seems to be one of the nicest, and wittiest people I have come across in town. When I learned he sings in a metal band, I was floored. He runs his own podcast that is called Start The Beat with Sikes, where he interviews people in the music industry, so he is used to talking, but a metal band? Really?

I was fascinated, and if you subscribe to my podcast (Which you totally should), you would know that if it is something I don’t know a lot about, and am intrigued by it, I want it on my show.

What is metal all about? I have to admit my taste varies all over the spectrum, but it has never dipped into metal. Like most music listeners, the deepest I went was Metalica. I am finding out now that that isn’t very deep. If I am being honest with myself, I really wanted to find out if these guys were angry. They sound angry, are they filled with rage all the time? I assumed so based on some of the music.

I got to sit with Brian and other band member Ricky Zimerman to chat with them about their music, being a self starter, and balancing work and hobbies. I liked what I heard in their songs, although not my normal taste, I found it intriguing that there was yet another layer to Pittsburgh’s ever growing underground scenes that I don’t know about. Greywalker has a cult following around the world too, not just in our hometown. Their new album drops on July 7th and they are celebrating with a release party at the Rex. It is sure to be an awesome time.

We also had a surprise guest stop by! Nick Miller from Black Forge Coffee House has been on my show before to talk about how him and co owner Ashley Bianca Corts have turned themselves into 16 bit characters for Coffee Crisis. All the good folk connect and collaborate in this town, which is why it is no surprise that Greywalker pitched in to help with the soundtrack of this game! How fun is that. Speaking of collaborations, these guys have their own hot sauce. Now that, is success my friend.

Really I would have loved to release this episode for the lead up to Halloween. I feel as though it would be fitting, but alas, here it is. Enjoy!

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