#112 Drinking Partners Podcast’s Day Bracey and Ed Bailey Talk about Fresh Fest- The Nation’s First Black Beer Festival.

#112 Drinking Partners Podcast- Day Bracey and Ed Bailey Talk about Fresh Fest

            Some of my absolute favorite comedians and friends to talk to are back on my show. If you listened to the episode already, you probably heard me snorting from Ed Bailey and Day Bracey, hosts of The Drinking Partners Podcast. We are all Epicast family, so we have been frequent guests on each other’s shows from time to time. What can I say, we like each other’s company… and beer.

Speaking of beer, these guys love to chat about the craft brewing industry. Trends, reviews, with comedy thrown in between. They are hosting a new concept, first in the nation to be exact called The Fresh Fest which is geared towards men of color in the beer industry.

Let’s face it, when craft brewing exploded, it was a white man’s game. Now everyone is dipping in their toes, or full fledge cannonballing into the industry, and I fucking love it. Hell, I even make beer as a past time, and received mixed reviews when I first showed up to meetings. It is nice to know the diversity is happening, and that is what Ed and Day are bringing to the Burgh.

Fresh Fest is pulling black brewers from across the country to represent here in the Burgh. Drinking Partners collaborated with Black Brew Culture to make this event happen, and it is sure to be an awesome time. Don’t miss grabbing your tickets to the event on August 11th at Nova Place!

Also, these cats just recorded some audio for the Smithsonian! What? Could NOT wait to talk to them about that, and they judged Viceland out in California. That is just too cool. You will also catch us bitching about technology in the modern world, Ed’s fashion style, and a ton more we had to catch up on.

We are also giving away a free ticket to Fresh Fest! Ways to enter-

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Winner will be pulled Next Sunday August 5th!

“The Drinking Partners and Black Brew Culture are proud to present Fresh Fest 2018 on August 11, 2018 from 5-9 pm! Join us for Pittsburgh’s first Black beer festival featuring the country’s most talented Black brewers and top local breweries collaborating with artists and entrepreneurs from around Western Pennsylvania and across the nation. Get in early for the exclusive VIP “Meet the Brewers” podcast with Pittsburgh’s best podcast, the Drinking Partners. VIP ticket holders will be treated to an up-close conversation with two of Pittsburgh’s best comedians interviewing national brewers about how they got their start and what they have planned in the near future. Experience this first of it’s kind cultural event and enjoy a day filled with unique craft beers, ciders, and spirits. Several of Pittsburgh’s best food trucks will be parked steps away, and live music will be offered throughout the evening. Fresh Fest 2018 will be hosted at Threadbare Cider and Mead and Wigle Whiskey Barrelroom. Participating breweries and information will be updated daily until August 1st so check back often to see what new beers will be offered! #freshfest18”

This episode is sponsored by Pittsburgh’s premier sensory deprivation experience at Levity! All listeners get $5 off their floats with code “Marta”



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