#110 Little Known Facts About Fred Rogers with John Schalcosky from The Odd, Fascinating, and Mysterious History of Pittsburgh

#110 Little Known Facts About Fred Rogers with John Schalcosky from Odd Pittsburgh

If you subscribe to my newsletter you would be very aware that my great friend John Schalcosky from The Odd, Fascinating, Mysterious, History of Pittsburgh comes to hang on my show often. He is forever dropping new bombs on me about things I, and probably you, didn’t know about Pittsburgh.

It was revealed first on Marta On The Move that Pittsburgh was actually first in flight. (Yeap, that’s right Wright Brothers.), that Pittsburgh may have been the home of Jack The Ripper, that citizens of Pittsburgh are actually considered part of France. (My dream came true).

You have hopefully been delighted with our live episodes of True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh, now a live show featuring homemade sound effects, and audience ghost stories revealed. This year we will be at Barebones Theater in October. Date will be released soon, but you can send your spooky story to us at oddpittsburgh@gmail, or martaonthemovepodcast@gmail. We may use it in the show!

I digress, I am here today to bring you our nostalgic childhood that revolves around Fred Rogers. A pittsburgh treasure, Mr Rogers Neighborhood is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary. John and I wanted to pay homage to the great man, and talk about some of the lesser known things about him. This is truly a fun and magical episode to tune into and will have your love for Mr. Rogers rekindled again.

The theme words being love and kindness, John and I recite quotes that Mr. Rogers has stated over his lifetime. Try not to cry. I’m not crying, you are!!

Stay tuned for big projects coming up with John and I in the future. #webuiltthiscity

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Credit- The Fred Rogers Company
Credit Pittsburgh Post Gazette


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