#141 Courtney Hazlett- Creator of the Netflix Show “Restaurants on the Edge” Conversation About the Creation of the Show and the Restaurant Industry in a Time of Covid.

Welcome Courtney Hazlett to the show! She is the creator of “Restaurants on the Edge” on Netflix. If you are in full binge mode and also dreaming of your next vacation, this episode is for you.

“Restaurants on the Edge” takes you to restaurants around the world that need a facelift in a popular location, and steps in to help them reimagine their restaurant. There is two seasons of the show and hoping for a third!

We chat about the creation of the show and how Courtney came up with the idea to pitch to Netflix. Also how she built the perfect crew to compliment the vibe of the show.

We also talk about the state of the industry right now in the food service world. Talking about the comfort level of going out to eat, and what that means for restaurants and take out in the industry. From my families company Aldo’s Foods Inc in Pittsburgh to the tiniest of restaurants around the world, we are all being effected by this situation. Courtney and I talk about our opinions on what restaurants and take out places can do to survive during this time and hopefully thrive.

Courtney talks about how hopefully the show will inspire folks to step outside their comfort zone, and whenever this lifts for all of us (because it will!), and book a trip to visit one of these places. Check out the show and let’s hope for a season 3!

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