The award winning Marta on the Move Podcast is a show that culturally connects human beings through lifestyle, travel, and entertainment. Hosted by Marta Napoleone Mazzoni. Find it on You Tube and wherever else you listen to podcasts.

Guests of Marta On The Move have included- Chelsea Handler, Alec Baldwin, David K Harbour, Patrick Page, Tom Savini, Paige Davis, Mayor Bill Peduto, Peter Max, and Patrick Wilson and more.  

Who is Marta on the Move?

Marta Mazzoni is a world solo traveler and curious creature on a path of exploring the world and herself.  Considered to be a “Jane of all trades”, Marta started a podcast in 2014 that has morphed and transformed into many different outlets. Her personal life experience has helped shaped her own journey of self discovery.

Through her candid, and intimate interview style, speaking engagements, and various ventures, Marta has become a force in the business world as a successful entrepreneur. She continues to build her brand as a leader and guide in helping others reach their full potential in life.

Her taglines are “Cut the cord of comfort” and “Keep it moving”

Creator of 3 to be Me- A guided journey of self discovery through total body connection. A wellness program that launched in 2021 that aids in helping people get in touch with their intuition and insight.

Creative Consultant- Need that extra set of eyes and a fresh perspective? Marta is available for private creative consultations. Knowing that looking inside your own circle at your project can sometimes feel stagnant, Marta brings fun and creative ideas to the table by thinking outside the box. Contact martaonthemovepodcast@gmail.com or (412)-874-1450 for a free 15 minute discovery call.

Motivational Speaker- Having spoken for various conferences and meetings. She is available on a corporate or private level. Below are some of Marta’s speaking subjects. Martaonthemovepodcast@gmail.com for more information.

The Failures and Successes of Starting and Managing a Podcast-

Podcasting isn’t going away anytime soon, and Marta knows all about the trials and errors of running a successful podcast. Her show Marta on the Move has been running for over five years and has won multiple awards. Marta talks on the mistakes that she made in editing, marketing, maintaining, guests, interviews, and more and how you can avoid them.

How to be at home and “On Vacation Mode” with Meditation-

Looking for a way to calm a multitasking mind, Marta went in search of a deeper peace back in 2010. Her and her husband studied Transcendental Meditation, and then began to incorporate the practice into their daily lives. Marta speaks about how making this small change to a part of your day through Mediation, can help you be “On Vacation Mode” in your everyday life but cultivating a better mindset.

Making and keeping Friends After 30-

There is nothing Marta loves more than urging people to meet new people. For some reason after thirty it becomes harder and harder to form authentic connections with others. Marta has given various talks on how people can create these connections meaningfully.

How to Get Out of Your Funk and Become the Best Version of Yourself-

We have all been there,the dreaded “funk”, where you can’t see yourself out of being in a total state of stagnation. This is one of Marta’s favorite subjects. Through various up’s and downs, car crashes, setbacks, and yo yo dieting, Marta knows the tricks to getting herself out of a funk, and wants to pass them on to you so you can become the best version of yourself.

Female Solo Travel Empowerment-

Why the best way to find yourself is to travel by yourself. Marta explains the hows and whys to help women and young girls find their true path through learning about different cultures, and places around the world they can explore safely. Also available for early age empowerment in schools.

Voluntouring- How to do it and Why it’s the Best Way to Travel-

Marta has participated in numerous volunteer work overseas including- tomb excavations in Sicily, restoration of a 10th century castle in France, whale and dolphin conservation Ischia, home construction for the impoverish in Portugal, scuba diving coral reef conservation in the Atlantic Ocean, sea turtle rescue and conservation in Costa Rica, and treasure diving the Atocha wreck off the coast of Key West. Marta helps to empower women in particular to travel solo themselves and find empowerment! Her motto is “Cut the cord of comfort”

How to Not Lose Yourself, While Being a Great Salesperson-

Marta’s full time job is being a sales manager for her company Aldo’s Foods Inc. For over 18 years she has met with, created menus for, and consulted with chefs, all around Pittsburgh, Ohio and West Virginia. She has won the “Regional Salesperson of the Year” through Golbon in 2018, and maintains sales of over 10 million dollars a year. She somehow still knows who she is, and works very hard to not become the standard “Salesperson” Marta speaks on her years in the food industry, and how you can sell your product without losing who you are in the process.

How to Host a Property on Airbnb Successfully-

Marta manages two 5 star properties on Airbnb grossing an extra 50k a year. She did it all within a year, and would love to share her knowledge about hosting a property. What to do, and what NOT to do when beginning your journey in property management.

Why Traveling Alone Boosts Your Personal Relationships-

Marta and her husband had an understanding when they got married. She would continue to explore the world alone! He would meet her sometimes, but for the most part, she is traveling solo. It is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and Marta loves speaking on how being apart can keep your relationships strong and healthy.

The Art of the Side Hustle and How to Not Burn Out-

From speaking engagements, running two successful Airbnbs, hosting Libations Tours, running a podcast, and more. Marta can tell you about the ways you can make extra income by not putting all your eggs in one basket, and how to stay sane doing it.

Life Guide/ Mentor- Through various up’s and downs, car crashes, setbacks, yo yo dieting, and recently the lost of her sister, Nina, Marta knows the tricks to getting herself out of a funk. She wants to pass them on to help you feel better faster and break old habits that aren’t serving you.

Whether it is personal or professional. A bad breakup, or just a kick in the pants to get motivated, Marta will help you find your intuition, get you out of your funk and find the path to your true happiness and success. Contact Martaonthemovepodcast@gmail.com for more information or to set up a free 15 minute discovery call.

Yoga Instructor- Marta has been on a roller coaster with fitness her whole life. Having never been an athletic or sports oriented person, she found it hard to find a workout that she could fully enjoy and come back to time and time again to maintain her weight and keep her mind in a positive healthy space.

About eight years ago, Yoga brought a new joy into her life and she began studying all different forms, including Birkam, Iyengar, and Vinyasa.

Her full time job involves driving for sales which resulted in many car accidents and lead to various back injuries over the years. Marta now focuses on putting an emphasis on core stability and strength which has been the only thing that brought her body back to full mobility.

Her classes mix strength through static holds, isometrics, core stability training, linking breath to body and mind through movement. Her goal is to educate about protecting one’s body as we all evolve through our lives, and also to provide a space of meditative calmness in our cluttered and hurried world. You can find her classes over at www.southhillspoweryoga.com

Creator of Pittsburgh’s Original Libations Tour- Rated 5 out of 5 stars on Trip Advisor. An intimate walking /drinking tour that showcases Pittsburgh’s premier leaders in spirits and wine while exploring Pittsburgh’s prohibition and Whiskey Rebellion History.

Super Host of Three Unique Airbnb’s in the city of Pittsburgh-  Pgh Artist’s Gallery Airbnb. As featured in various publications including Pittsburgh Current, KDKA Radio, Pgh City Paper, LOCAL Pittsburgh, and more. A home turned art gallery showcasing the works of various artists in Pittsburgh. Following along the gallery tour with a specially made booklet and audio interviews with the artist’s throughout the home.

Get up to $55 off your first Airbnb stay with this link https://abnb.me/e/t3L2t7NNP3             

Marta Wants to Talk to YOU!- There is a nothing she loves more than chatting about any/ all of her passions. Reach out and say hello!
Speaking Engagements/ Sponsorship or Press Inquiries- Martaonthemovepodcast@gmail.com

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Featured Publications

NY Media The Vanguard as an Influential Women in Media


Pittsburgh Magazine’s- Top 8 Podcasts Worth a Listen

KDKA News Radio 1020am

Empowering Women’s Radio


Star 100.7

Craft Pittsburgh Magazine


Voted as a Rockin’ podcast on Libsyn of 2015

Featured in the International Best Selling Trilogy- Common Threads Trilogy

Eyetique’s Celebrities of Pittsburgh Campaign

Live in Your Truth Radio

WDVE Radio

Best Of The Burgh for 2016 and 2017 in Pittsburgh City Paper

Voted as a Rockin Podcast on Libsyn 2015

Eyetique Celebrities of Pittsburgh Campaign

Declaration of January 5th in Allegheny County named “Marta Day”

Winner of Creator of the Year 2018 by the Pittsburgh Technology Counsil

“Marta from Marta On The Move Podcast is inspiring, fun, engaging, and an all around joy to listen to. Stay Tuned, she is going places”

–  Tom Savini Special Effects Master/ Actor/Director/Stuntman

“Marta’s fun, engaging, informative and inspiring. A great guest. I look forward to the next time she’s on with us.”
–  Robert Mangino Co-Host KDKA Afternoon News, NewsRadio 1020 KDKA, Pittsburgh, PA
“Fun, adorable and easy to listen too! I want her to move in with my family like Mary Poppins.”
– Aaron Kleiber, Actor/Comedian
 “Marta truly is a lady on the move in the right direction. She utilizes her media platform to expand people’s horizons and open up their hearts and minds.
– Dr Shellie Hipsky Best Selling Author. Creator of Empowering Womens Radio

Past Sponsors- Natrona Bottling, Marriott USA, Xeroshoes, Levity, Games Unlimited, Pittsburgh Winery, Sipes and Sons, Energy Swing Windows, Jim Beam USA.

Check Marta On The Move out on EpicastTV, Stitcher, iTunes, Podomatic, I heart Radio, and anywhere else you listen to podcasts.


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  • February 17, 2017 at 6:19 pm

    Marta, where’s my MOTM t-sirt? (OK, I’ll trade ya the t-shirt for some info!) What have you heard about the Wine Whiskey ad Food Truck Fest”alcular” at the DLLawrence?

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    I just started following The Odd, Mysterious & Fascinating History of Pittsburgh on Facebook. My husband is from Monongahela and I do genealogy, so it’s always fun finding out more about Western PA. So what pops up in my newsfeed but something about Marta On The Move and I’m like, What!? Because there are not too many of us in the world and so I just had to reach out and say hey! Maybe it’s something in the name, but I also love meeting new people and having deep conversations, I started planning parties in the 4th grade, I think your solo adventures just made my bucket list, and I Live to Dance!

    So Howdy, Name Twin!

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      Thank you so much for following! Fellow Marta!!! YAY


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