Steve Rudzinski- Creator of Horror Films in Pittsburgh, PA. Episode 93 on Marta On The Move Podcast

#93 Steve Rudzinski

We are officially into the Halloween season my friends, and you know what that means.  The lead up to Halloween on my podcast is one of my favorite times of the year. I love featuring everything spooky, scary, and downright fearful these two months, and I have some great episodes coming up, starting with this one.

Steve Rudzinski is a director of horror films in Pittsburgh. Well, not just director. Steve also writes, acts, produces, and edits a good bit of his work as well.  He has been creating films since he was 16, and hasn’t stopped since.

I originally heard of Steve when I went to see a showing of Captain Z & the Terror of the Leviathon.  Being a huge horror film nerd myself, I was loving all of the special effects that were put on screen for what must have been a low budget flick.

I brought Steve on the show to chat about behind the scenes of creating your very own horror movie, or any movie in fact. The process, casting, production, and budgets all get brought up through the conversation.  Plus, of course we talk our favorite horror films, that is just a given.  Steve’s new horror movie CarousHELL is out now, and we chat about how that came to be, and some cool special effect experiences he has had on set.

The second half of the podcast I dive into asking Steve about his other job as being Marvel’s official Spiderman. This guy gets to done the Spideysuit, and fly around the country to perform for events.  I had to know how he landed that gig, and how flexible he was. lol

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