#81 Pittsburgh Speakeasy History with John Schalcosky and Mike Mills

#81 Pittsburgh Speakeasies with John Schalcosky and Mike Mills

Hey all!  This month I am keeping up with the Pittsburgh Drinks/ history theme, and offering a part two to the episode prior to this one that featured Sean Enright and Cody McDevitt.  If you haven’t listened to that one yet, I suggest you do!  It is full of interesting drinks recipes, tips, and facts about Pittsburgh that are featured in their book, Pittsburgh Drinks: A History of Cocktails, Nightlife, & Bartending Tradition.

We touch on Pittsburgh speakeasy history in that episode, but I wanted to take that topic a step further, and bring on my true, and trusted researcher of pretty much everything, John Schalcosky from The Odd, Fascinating, and Mysterious History Of Pittsburgh to dig up what he found on Pittsburgh speakeasies.  I also wanted to pair that with some whiskey tasting tips in honor of The Whiskey Rebellion Festival, and age old bootleggers.  Mike Mills joins us, and instructs us on how to taste whiskey properly, along with some other tips for your at home consumption.

We chat about where the word speakeasy truly came from, what made it relevant, the term Blind Tiger (If you don’t know what that is, you will love this), what our favorite idea of a speakeasy would be in Pittsburgh, and much, much more.  I love the energy of this episode. We had a great time, and I hope you will too.  So grab that snifter, pour yourself a nib, and come join us.

Hope to see everyone at the Pittsburgh Drinks book release party on March 27th! Photos by Phil Mazzoni.  Historic Photos provided by John Schalcosky.  Closing music by Aaron Leeder Huge thanks to Michael Jobe for answering all my internet questions!

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Pittsburgh Speakeasy History on Marta On The Move and whiskey tasting
Pittsburgh, PA
Whiskey Rebellion, speakeasies, whiskey tasting, bitters tasting, history and more on Marta On The Move Podcast
Mike Mills, John Schalcosky, and Marta Napoleone Mazzoni
Woodford Reserve Whiskey Tasting
Woodford Reserve Whiskey Tasting

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John Schalcosky
John Schalcosky
Mike Mills
Mike Mills
Pittsburgh Speakeasy History on Marta On The Move Podcast
How to taste bitters 101


Bitters tasting 101

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