#74 Coffee Crisis- Nick Miller and Ashley Corts

#74 Coffee Crisis


Super happy that I get to feature Nick Miller and Ashley Corts before the end of the year!  If you follow me, you know I love video games, among many, many other things.  I am super jealous right now, because Nick and Ashley (whom I know from up at Epicast TV, and Black Forge Coffee), have managed to put themselves INTO a game.

I am not joking folks, it’s true.  They made themselves into 16 bit characters for Sega Genesis!  I can’t even deal with this news.  I just knew I had to get them on the show to find out how they did it!

Nick and Ashley are the owners of Black Forge Coffee Shop in the up, and coming Allentown neighborhood.  It is a minute away from our lovely Epicast Network (PODSQUAD!), which is housed in Work Hard Pittsburgh.  I chat with these two to find out what it takes to make an old school video game, What the game is all about (two words- Coffee and Crisis!),why they got in the coffee business, and many more questions about kicking it old school.  They even give away a password for Coffee Crisis during the episode! Check them out at Black Forge Coffee Shop Twitter Black Forge  Shout out to Colt, and Sikes from Greywalker who perform the music in the game.

You guys gotta see this thing, the booklet looks so sweet.  Get yourself a copy for your favorite person, or for yourself for the holidays.  Now I wanna be in a video game!  Damn!

Were you a Nintendo or Sega kid?  Tell us your favorite games in the comments.

Stay tuned for A Very Westworld Christmas Special Edition Episode to round out the year! Happy Holidays everyone!

Closing music by Aaron Leeder! Photos by Buzzy Torek

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  • January 12, 2017 at 1:47 am

    Love the year in review!!!!!1 Go get ’em…….in 2017!!


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