#68 Enter The Imaginarium

 Enter The Imaginarium

Welcome to the lead up to Halloween on Marta On The Move! I love this time of year, and truly enjoy featuring all things mystery, spooky and festive!  Therefore, I bring to you Enter The Imaginarium, an escape room that recently opened in Harmarville created by a collaboration between The Scarehouse and Bricolage.  How can someone not be excited for this? I ask you!

I am a huge fan of escape rooms and immersive theater, so I could not wait to sit down with Jeffery Carpenter and Scott Simmons to chat the behind the scenes of this venture. We talk about everything that goes into creating an escape room, why they decided to make one from the idea of Rodney Shwartz, what is in store for the next one (Yes, there will be more!), and also talk some clues for this particular room, and the mysteries surrounding D. Sykes, and the minotaur legend, and the order of the Imaginaria.  MUAHAaaaaa.

Enter The Imaginarium is giving away a free ticket for this episode! How to enter-

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On another note, I did not make it out of this room, ( we were so close!!!!) I am super sad about it, but am still thinking about how gorgeous the sets and rooms were for Imaginarium. I wanted to hang out in there all day and investigate all the props and furnishings.  The amount of dedication and work that went into this… sheesh.  If you have experienced it, let us know what you think in the comments!

Stay tuned for an in depth look with Scott Simmons from The Scarehouse coming up after this episode!  A very cool conversation about all things scary 😉  Also, keep a look out for the 2nd annual True Spooky Stories of Pgh episode with my good friend John Schalcosky! Always a great time.  If you missed our 1st annual one, check it out here!  Or tune into the episode with House Of The Dead with Geoff Camphire, Tom Savini, or psychic Leslie Gray!  Tis the time of all things spooky.

End music by Aaron Leeder, photos by the gorgeous Phil Mazzoni.

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This episode is sponsored by Pittsburgh Winery !  One of the best date nights in the city.  Go grab a glass of vino, and listen to a great band.  Their space is truly unique! Check out the episode I had with owner Tim Gaber


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