#67 Mysteries Of Pittsburgh By Boat!

Mysteries of Pittsburgh By Boat!

Hey guys!  Join me and my good friend John Schalcosky again as we uncover mysteries of Pittsburgh, BUT this time by water!!  I love being on a boat, and this is the first time I have been on one (that is not the clipper).  Join us as we travel to different sites, and uncover cool history that you may not have ever known.
John is a regular on my show, and you will love the stories he weaves for your ears. We love recording these because they make us feel like we are back on an old radio show.  If you missed our other episodes called Crazy Summer Stories of Pittsburgh, or True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh, check them out!  We will be releasing another one this coming October as the 2nd annual True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh!  I gather some folks, we throw on some pj’s and have a lovely evening filled with wine, snacks, and hauntingly creepy stories.  Pretty much the highlight of my year and we have Scott Simmons from The Pittsburgh Scarehouse on the show as well talking about his collaboration with Bricolage on Enter The Imaginarium
If you missed the episode I had with David K Harbour who plays Chief Hopper from “Stranger Things”, check it out!  He was so awesome, and revealed some really cool information about whether there will be another season!

IMG_20160716_190132 IMG_20160716_191436 IMG_20160716_190057 The Odd Fascinating and Mysterious History Of Pittsburgh on Marta On The Move Podcast talks history and mysteries of Pittsburgh by river! IMG_20160716_221433


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  • September 13, 2016 at 1:42 am

    Very interesting and enjoyable. Land people? Gonna get it!


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