# 63 Atlas Obscura- Interview with Co-founder Dylan Thuras

Atlas Obscura on Marta On The Move

Oh we all have that little curiosity for the strange and unusual in us.   Some, I would say, more than others. I like to think I have a pretty healthy amount of it.  Going in search of the road or path less taken, searching out broken toys, trying to find the things in life that break the traditional norm.  That… is why I am obsessed with Atlas Obscura.
I came across their show one day when it popped up on my Facebook feed.  It was a video, and I was driving at that time (I know, I know, eyes on the road!), but I clicked it to listen, and was instantly hooked.  I didn’t even know it was a video, here I was tuning in thinking it was your standard podcast.  I probably heard about 5 episodes on the transit home.  When I got home and looked at my phone, I realized they were all videos, and then instantly had to go back through to listen and watch them all.  Their videos are hilarious.  The gentleman (Dylan Thuras) takes you on a journey to a spectacular place.  His face pops up on screen, and in that moment you realize his passion for what he is about to tell you.  Surrounded by a decent collection of board games (I knew we would get along), Dylan can show you a world you never saw before, sometimes in your own backyard.
We hit it off right away, being kindred folk in search of magical things.  Tune in as I find about the origin of Atlas Obscura, how the two co founders met, what Neil Gaiman said about them (what!), where they are off to next, and also our rants about how we love immersive theater.  Truly an awesome conversation.
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The videos themselves are hilarious, you must watch them.  I intend to find out who has the unique sense of humor over at Atlas Obscura that has me laughing out loud.  I am sure you want to know as well.  Join me as I chat with Dylan about the history of Atlas Obscura, how it became created, and where they are off to next!  Check out their new podcast they started recently as well!  So excited I can take them with me wherever I go!  I plan on visiting them in NYC in October for their annual party!
Have you been to any of the 100 wonders spots?  Tell us about it in the comments!
Thank you to Dana at Church Recording Studio for always there to lend a hand.IMG_3319



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