#62 Where to drink and eat in Lisbon, Portugal.

A huge part of travel for my hubby and I, is the love of eating and drinking all various cuisines, cocktails, wines, and beers, especially abroad.  All the different flavors and settings make for a memorable occasion at any time. We enjoy the worst places, almost as much as the best because of the discussions that happen afterwards. With this episode, we bring to you our favorite (and least favorite) picks of where to eat and drink while in Portugal, with focus on Lisbon.

Come with us as we tell you a little history about Portugal, and take you through our recommended must visits!  We tackle the speakeasies, wine bars,  tasting courses, and local cuisine of the area.  Tag along and partake in our chat session.  At one point you will get to hear me try and repeat a tasting menu we dined on that was devineeeeee.  Ignore me not being able to pronounce a word perfectly, I was enjoying a glass of Portuguese vino at the time!  A topic we talk about in depth.

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Mentioned in the podcast-

Winebar do Castelo

BA Wine Bar

100 Maneieras



Time Out Market

Sol e Pesca


Red Frog





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