#61 Exploring Carrie Furnace with Ron Baraff, Stephanie Strasburg, and Rick Rowlands

Have you ever visited Carrie Furnace?  I am sure you have seen them all along the rivers, (possibly as you make your way to grab a brew from The Brew Gentleman), but have you ever stopped and toured them?  Well, if you haven’t, you should.  They are incredible.  I wanted to showcase them on the show, so I scheduled to meet with Rob Baraff, and his partner Rick Rowlands from Rivers of Steel.  Ron is a downright expert historian when it comes to Carrie Furnaces.

Join me, and my lovely and talented friend Stephanie Strasburg as we journey into the nooks and crannies of the Furnaces to hear all about the incredible history that is just a tiny bit of what makes Pittsburgh so magical. Love the artwork inside by Ryan Keene! Please excuse my freak out over their goats, and also enjoy the creepy piano music at the end of this episode, we couldn’t resist playing the ancient instrument! Photo below.

They are doing some really fun things there including hosting the upcoming Extreme Pogo World Championships! You heard me right!  CMU alumnist Nick Ryan is the Extreme Pogo company owner, he is partnering with Rivers of Steel, and on July 7-9 you can enjoy the heck out of of some extreme pogo.   Honestly, I didn’t know this was a thing, and cannot wait to see it!!!  There will be food trucks, live bands, and Furnace tours, which makes for a great summer weekend.  Check it out!

Thank you to the wonderfully talented friend and photojournalist, Stephanie Strasburg!  The photos are gorgeous! Go check out her other works, because they are amazingly great. Subscribe to the Marta On The Move Newsletter to see more shots from this episode!

This episode is sponsored by Levity Pgh.  Listeners get $5 off all their float experiences with code “Marta” www.floatlevity.com  Search form on the Epicast Tv and follow MOTM on Facebook/Twitter/InstagramMarta_on_the_Move_Carrie_Furnace_Homestead01



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