#51 Pittsburgh, Hollywood of the East. Chris Breakwell and 31st Street Studios

Join me as I interview Christopher Breakwell, President/CEO of 31st Street Studios located in the historic Strip District of Pittsburgh, PA!  People are calling us the Hollywood of the East, and no wonder with films like, Fault Of Our Stars, Jack Reacher, The Last Witch Hunter, Concussion, The Dark Knight, and the just wrapped, American Pastoral.  All of these films have one thing in common, they all were produced at 31st Street Studios.  

Take a walk with me as I explore the sound stages, chat with Chris about all things cinema, and find out what I myself want to know.  Questions like, what the process of a movie is from script to the silver screen,  how many jobs this company is offering to our city, what locations are great shots, and where the future of film is headed in Pittsburgh.   31st Street Studios just released The Outsiders , and that is the set I got to see while visiting. Super interesting.  My friend Dana over at The Church recorded some of the music for it, so it really IS all happening here, and how cool is that.  I can’t wait to find out what the big project is that’s coming in 2016.  As of right now it is hush, hush.  Thanks Chris!

Soon Marta On The Move is heading to Portugal on my next solo volunteer project to help build houses for the homeless and dive to clean up our reefs, BUT she will be back stateside at the end of March, to look forward to these episode releases coming up!


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