#49 Matthew Preston- From Pittsburgh to New York and 5 Dias Movie

Matthew Preston- From Pittsburgh to New York and 5 Dias Movie.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day!  Everyone needs a romantic comedy, and 5 Dias fits the bill! My friend, and star of the film, Matthew Preston was coming through Pittsburgh for the holidays, and I wanted to chat him up about the process. Matthew moved from Pittsburgh to New York, and I had a ton of questions for him about the difference between the two for an actor.  We also chat about the Pittsburgh film scene, what it is like to live in New York, press for his new movie, and a ton of other fun things.  Tune in, and don’t forget to check out his film, 5 Dias directed by Nicholas Ortiz, and executive producer Nikolay Uspenskiy  I can’t wait to see it myself!   I rescheduled three releases back to back revolving around the film industry,tis oscar season after all! I am happy to announce that my 50th episode will feature actor Patrick Wilson and my 51th episode will feature  Chris Breakwell from 31st Street Studios here in Pittsburgh, PA!   They are calling Pittsburgh the “Hollywood of the East”, and I wanted to find out why.  I ask all the questions that you want to know about where the film industry is heading in our town.  You will love these two episodes!

Matthew Preston

5 Dias Movie

Stay Tuned on Feb 28th for 31st Street Studios release with Chris Breakwell, followed by local author Cathy Bruno!

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  • February 15, 2016 at 5:24 am

    That’s was great interview Matthew Preston has a great personality , which makes him a professional actor. I saw the premiere of his movie and it was fun and hilarious. The feature film will be awesome to see . Wishing him the best and good luck to his career. Marta it was a great podcast and good luck with you too.


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