#48 Haley Woods- Founder of Girls Love Travel!

Haley Woods founder of Girls Love Travel.

Gotta love this girl.  Such an inspiration that I had to feature her on the show, she travels 100% for work, and weaves incredible ties everywhere she goes. Haley created the super supportive travel community for women to grow and support one another, Girls Love Travel.  I stumbled upon this group, and now I am addicted, and I am not the only one!

With over 20,000 members, Girls Love Travel has made record breaking numbers.   Haley Woods is the founder of the group, and she just happened to be in Pittsburgh for work.  We scheduled a GLTMeetup, and I had her over Chez Mazzoni(the fancy name I like to call my abode) for a lovely hangout recording about her origins, travel stories (you have to hear some of these), how GLT came to flourish, and where it is headed.

So many amazing women from all over the world. GLT proves that even if you are not with someone in person, you CAN be connected to them across the globe.  As a solo traveler, I have made the greatest friends and contacts through this group, and will continue to do so.  We inspire each other with positive reinforcement.  We make each other laugh through out tough times with funny videos, jokes, and memes.  Above all, we support each other to keep traveling, exploring, and growing as like minded explorers.  If you are one of these ladies, join us for the door is always open for new friendships to be made.

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What’s Coming Up?  Marta On The Move heads to Portugal in March on a solo volunteer trip to help build houses for the homeless, and also dive to preserve the oceans.  I will be podcasting about it when I return! Happy Travels everybody!!

I will be promoting ladies from the group when I can on my travel podcasts, and I wanted to do that here with the extremely talented Chrystyna Marie.  I am now addicted to her song “Loaded Gun.”  Check it out at the end of the episode, and grab her new album that drops Feb 29th!!! If are an artist, painter, writer, musician, and want to be featured on my show just shoot me a PM on my Facebook Page.  I love showing support for this group and will continue to do so!


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Location: Joshua Tree National Park, California

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