#46 Bill Crawford

WELCOME 2016!  I hope everyone is ready for a wonderful new year!  We are starting off right with the hilarious Bill Crawford.  Bill is a guest host on the DVE Morning Show, and performs stand up comedy in Pittsburgh and on tour around the world. As a writer, comedian and actor, you can imagine we had a ball recording this episode.  We talk about his start in comedy, how we could both eat pizza for days, the Greenfield Bridge debate, and many more hysterical topics. I was trying hard not to laugh every other second.  One of the easiest people to talk to, and I cant’ wait to have him back on the show.  Check out his website for all things happening in 2016, and be sure to listen to him and Randy Baumann on the DVE Morning show on your drive to work on 102.5!

This Episode is brought to you by Levity Pgh.  Listeners get $5 off all their floats with promo code “Marta”. Set your mind in the right place for your new year!  Relax and go for a sensory deprivation experience.  You will be hooked.

Enjoy the song written by Deni O Napoleone.   Happy early birthday bro!  😉 Also thank you to Eyetique for voting MOTM a celebrity of Pittsburgh in 2015! motm cele

Stay tuned for the next episode with Craft Beer Network and Spoonwood Brewing! They are giving away some awesome swag.
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