#36 Levity PGH- Floating in a Sensory Deprivation Tank

So many thoughts, so much to do, not enough time, and so much stress.  We work hard and play hard every day, our brains never taking a break.  Stress one of the largest factors of deteriorating health.  The silent killer they call it, and I don’t know about you, but that scares me to no end.  We all need a break in our chaotic world to be alone with our thoughts.  Many don’t realize the outside sounds that we hear even when we think we are having a “quiet” moment.  It isn’t until you truly take away all noise that you start listening to what is important.  I took this journey recently, and I wanted to share it.

I step into Levity in Squirrel Hill.  The owner David greets me and takes me on a tour of the place him and his wife Amanda created. I am instantly relaxed in the space.  Decorated by Studio Am, it gives a person the sense of calm with no clutter and no distractions. Honestly, I want my office to look exactly like it.  I sit with David, (who may be the nicest and down to earth man I may have ever met) and proceed to talk about what floating is, and why everyone should experience zero gravity.  I prepare myself for my very first float and step inside the beautiful rooms they put together.  Tune into the podcast to hear the before and after of Marta On The Move’s experience with Sensory Deprivation “Floating”.

Levity has become a sponsor to Marta On The Move!  When you book your next Float on www.floatlevity.com, be sure to put in Promo Code MARTA.  Every time it is used a small donation is made to the show, and to get $5 off your  “float”.   Thanks Levity for the support!   Go Float everyone!

Puzzle Pax is a proud sponsor of Marta On The Move Tune in to www.puzzlepax.com and use code MOVE to get $5 off your order!

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