# 35 Homewood Cemetery Historical Fund- See the world and learn the history.

Marta On The Move takes a tour of Homewood Cemetery and learns the history.

My husband and I meet Jennie Benford Director of Programming at the Homewood Cemetery on a beautiful summer day.  We greet each other kindly, and proceed to walk the grounds of the cemetery.  Jennie Benford is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the history of the cemetery.  As we walk she can’t wait to tell us about how it got it’s name, it’s layout, and the various architecture forms of the tombstones.  As my husband and I walked along with her, we learned so many glimpses of Pittsburgh’s past.  Join us on our stroll to highlight pieces from each of three tours that the Homewood Cemetery Historical Tours offer.  Their Founders Day Celebration is this coming Saturday the 22nd so head on down and check it out.  There will be food trucks, bands, and information available.  Take a tour around the world and discover the rich history Pittsburgh’s past residents. Check it out HERE.

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I recently hosted a photo submission for this podcast.  I could not wait to feature the photographers from local people. I posted them below.  The winner of the private tour for you and 15 of your friends is- Joey Kennedy.  Congrats!!!!

Thank you to all who mailed in their photos.  They are all so beautiful!

Photo by Lisa Speranza

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Photo by Nina Napoleone

P1040424Mazzoni (Yeah, that’s me!) MOTM



Photo by Leslie Diana


Photo by Philip Mazzoni


















Winning Photo by Joey Kennedy















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