#151 How to Bring More Mindfulness in Your Daily Actions.

It is officially 2021! Yeah, nothing truly has changed. If anything, most of us held this upcoming year up to such high standards, that when we crossed the finish line, we were greeted by more of the same.

It’s ok though, it is normal to feel let down. Almost everyone is feeling it right now. You are not alone.

I have personally been in a slump for about 2 weeks until I started my program I do yearly called 3 to be ME. I finally feel back in control, am stepping lighter, and having an easier time bringing mindfulness into my everyday life.

I get that it is hard though. If you would have talked to me five days ago, I would be raw around the edges, bloated, snippy, and probably in a slump eating my third piece of pizza while not even really tasting it. <— Worst version of myself.

To be fair, I had a rough couple of months. My gram passed away, and my sister’s chemotherapy that we thought kicked cancers ass didn’t work. We are now on to radiation and it just kills me to know she is suffering. I plan on venting how much I hate cancer on an episode, I am just not ready to yet.

I realized after feeling like crap that I needed to start focusing on my healthy self, and I am back now more than ever to bring mindfulness more into my daily life. Frequently I try to record free meditations over on Instagram @martamazzonipgh, and I share stories that I HOPE inspire and uplift. It makes me feel better, even if nobody takes part.

I shared an Instagram post to my stories last week that I saw from another source that went something like this-

“Make your life a meditation. Walking can be a meditation, washing dishes can be a meditation. Bring your observing eye into daily life and see it differently”

I loved this quote, and shared it. A lot of people messaging me that they loved this, that it helped them, but some still struggled with the “HOW”. “How do we make walking a meditation?” “How do we make washing the dishes a meditation?”

So I wanted to record this podcast to-

  • Offer a list of activities that you can aim more meaning and mindfulness towards.
  • Give a “how to” breakdown to easily set you on the path to success! (It is easier than you think and there is a method)
  • Debunk that you do not need to be a guru, or have a great meditation practice to meditate.

I hope this helps! What are some places in your life that could use more mindfulness? Let’s make 2021 wonderful everyone! Throw more kindness towards yourself and to those around you and you will instantly feel better. 🙂

Need a reset? 3 to be ME might be exactly what you are looking for this year. My three week kickstart program allows you to get in touch with yourself through total body connection.

Week One- Get control of your cravings

Week Two- Let’s get moving to spike endorphins and active meditation

Week Three- Bring on the mindfulness and deep discovery through creating your meditation practice.

Perfect for someone who is looking to go deeper within themselves. Email- Martafoos@gmail.com for more information or visit 3 to be Me.

Are you ready to take the journey inward?

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