#140 Paige Davis from TLC’s “Trading Spaces” on Marta on the Move Podcast -Talks History of the Show, Life During Social Distancing, Body Image, Being a Libra and more.

You know her name, and her amazing personality from the hit show Trading Spaces on TLC. Paige Davis hasn’t stopped since being cast in the show in 2001. She has starred on Broadway, and you have seen her on Ellen, Oprah, Entertainment Tonight and more.

In 2018 she rejoined as host for the Trading Spaces reboot, and I was so pumped to be able to catch up with her in New York. We talk about her history being cast in Trading Spaces, how she isn’t the person to ask about DIY projects, body image, being a libra, (We are the best!), keeping an at home workout routine during Covid, and more.

I love Paige, and wanted to do something special for this episode since she had recently lost her close friend and Trading Spaces designer Frank Bielec, along with her uncle to Covid weeks ago. I brought to the show four of Paige’s closest friends to challenge her in a game of Two Truths and a Lie. It was a HILARIOUS and heart felt time.

Hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did! Hey Paige, we Libra’s shall dance together again in no time at all. ­čśë Enjoy everyone and check her out everywhere @realpaigedavis

Special thanks to Rodney Shwartz for helping me organize her friends together! WOOT!

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