#137 Elsa Santos Takes us to Azores in Portugal and Talks Portuguese Cuisine and Travel Tips

I have been adding video podcasts in addition to my audio casts for Marta on the Move. I do it all myself (snooze) so I will be limiting the amount of words on these blog posts. Besides, you came for the audio/video anyways. 🙂

Today I connect with Elsa Santos owner of Azorean Cafe in Pittsburgh, PA. Elsa is from the Azores in Portugal, and while I have visited the main parts of Portugal, I have never stepped foot on the Azores! I cannot wait to visit.

This episode is all about the cuisine. Food, food and more food. I have found Portuguese cuisine to be so diverse. They have the comfort food that goes back in history, but they are also on the cusp of innovative creations. My hubby and I did a post on where to eat and drink in Lisbon, and I couldn’t wait to talk with Elsa about the customs and creations of the Azores. Check out this sweet Airbnb in the Azores while you are there

Hot Springs!


Cod Fritter Recipe!
4 tablespoons of olive oil
500g of desalted and shredded cod
½ chopped onion
1 clove of minced garlic
Black pepper
500g of boiled potatoes
1 egg
½ packet of chopped parsley
Frying oil

Heat a frying pan, drizzle with oil and sauté the cod with the onion and garlic, season with salt and pepper and let it cool.
Knead the potatoes, add the cod, the egg, the parsley and mix well.
Format the cod bites with the help of two spoons, fry in hot oil and drain well on absorbent paper.

Elsa Santos at Azorean Cafe in Pittsburgh, PA.


  • This article contains some affiliate links to Airbnb in which I may gain a small amount of the sale stay.
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