#136 Barbara Garcia- Bernardo Talks About Isolation In Madrid, Spain.

Yeah well, this episode was supposed to be released first, but it ended up being second, and honestly… nobody knows what day it is anyways, so it doesn’t matter. Moving on!

My friend Barbara is in her native country of Spain in the Capital city of Madrid currently. She has been there since her mom passed away from Cancer in February.

Barbara and I met in Pittsburgh as fellow yoga teachers, and she runs a company call Get Hip Records. A super cool place where you can download tracks, visit events ( online currently), and get your hands on some cool records for your music isolation needs.

I wanted to chat her up about what life has been like in Spain, the general feeling of the population, and also are things coming back to life and in what order? We also chat about what she is watching in isolation (Which is a burning question in my mind)

Tune in! Where should we go next? To the AZORES of course!


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