#135 Miguel Angel Navarro From Barcelona Talking Food , wine, and Culture.

Trying something new for the year of travel inspirations. Talks with folks around the world and how they are holding up. Just checking in and making connections. For this, I couldn’t do just audio, it didn’t feel strong enough, I went to video.

Yes, this is a HUGE leap for Marta, folks. She is a moron about figuring out technology, but many thanks to the huge help of friends, namely Brad over at Leveling Up Your Game, I was able to achieve this.

This aren’t really interviews, they are meant to be travel inspirations. We will sometimes chat about food, wine, living like a local, what they are watching on quarantine, etc. the conversation ebbs and flows, and it is fueling my spirit to be able to connect with people all around the world. That is what we are looking for right now, connection.

I hope you enjoy these episodes. I am not sure if I will stick with video after all this is done (Honestly, seeing my face live is super weird), but while this is all going on, you will.

This episode features my great friend Miguel! We talk to Miguel about food and drink in Barcelona region and also traditional cooking methods for paella. We met Miguel in Barcelona while traveling because we noticed his paella cooking class. It was the best time and we remained close friends afterwards, meet again in downtown Barcelona, and staying in touch over the years. I plan on staying with his family when I take my 6 month adventure (fingers crossed), and am so blessed to have stumbled across his class when we were traveling.

Be sure to take his class when you are traveling near Barcelona, you will not regret it. The main thing Miguel and I have in common is that we love connecting with people. He inspired Phil and I to host out own classes from the recipes we have learned while traveling in Pittsburgh. If you are ever in my town, hit us up for a class!

I recorded two of these episodes back to back one with my friend Barbara and one with Miguel, so they should come out pretty close to one another.

In the hopes that we will all meet again soon, friends!


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