#134 Picture Yourself Having a Minimalist Traveling Lifestyle While You Work. Read This, and go get that Job!

#134 Jennifer Link – How to live a Minimalist Traveling Lifestyle and Travel Fulltime for Work.

Hey all! Sorry to take such a long break, but winter and my onesie were calling to me to chill out for a bit and slow down. I am back and super pumped to talk about the theme for this year for the podcast which is all about travel.

This year, will be interviewing folks from various towns abroad to hear the inside scoop on where they live, why they love it there, and what you need to know before you plan your visit. I will also be talking to people who inspire me with their travels domestically that have paved a new life for themselves.

Why the sudden focus on travel? I am taking a six month trip for my 40th birthday next year! I figured this was a great way to inspire myself, and get me pumped to take on the planning for this epic journey. If I am being honest, it is a bit scary and intimidating, BUT if the solo travels in my past have taught me anything, it is that being scared is a great sign! It means you are stretching, growing, and expanding your mind outside of your comfort zone, which is something we should all strive to do on a regular basis.

My first guest for the year is Jennifer Link. I first caught wind of Jennifer on my Facebook feed through a friend’s link, and I had no idea we had both attended the same high school, what a small world!!! Jen is a traveling speech therapist living on the Florida- Georgia line. Her occupation keeps her constantly on the move around the country for 13 weeks at a time.

Her and her husband made the bold choice to sell 80% of their possessions and buy a 20 foot camper to live in fulfilling a more minimalist lifestyle. That is super impressive to me, and I am dying to know what stages they went through to get to that point, and how life is like essentially on the road. Imagine just being able to pick up and head out to any city you wanted with your life in tow. How cool is that?! #lifegoals

Join us as we talk about her travels, future plans, and share some tips on how maybe you can get to this level of a traveling lifestyle. Follow Jen and her hubby along in their travels over at her blog! and also follow her on Instagram @rpod.diaries23708661-B25F-4167-B5C4-C51B67A7FF00 IMG_0273 IMG_3163


This year for my podcast I am focusing on travel to uplift and inspire everyone (especially myself) I am traveling in 2021 for 6 month for my 40th birthday! While I am away, I am hosting a YOGA SAILING RETREAT in Croatia in June of 2021. It is 7 days full of yoga, swimming, wine, food and fun. Space is limited! For more information please email martafoos@gmail.com, and I can tell you all about why you should join in this amazing adventure. I cannot wait!


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