#133 Nick Adkins Co-founder of Pink Socks Life

#133 Nick Adkins from Pink Socks Life

Tis the season I say for giving and kindness. There is no better guest I can think of than Nick Adkins. If you happen to see a man wearing a kilt around town, that is probably Nick. Long beard, usually rocking a hat and kilt, and a distinct pair of socks. Bright pink ankle socks with moustaches strewn upon them.

I was introduced to Nick through a mutual friend Larry Gioia who runs Connection University in Pittsburgh<— We will save with how awesome Larry is for another podcast, because he is due to come on the show in the near future. Essentially what Larry is, is a connector. I tend to think of myself the same way. You meet someone and you know they HAVE to meet another friend of yours. Energies align, vibes are felt and life takes you along a path to the next soul you are supposed to connect with, for one reason or another. Nick was that next soul. Nick travels the world giving talks to people about global communities and the non profit organization that he founded with Andrew Richards called Pink Socks Life.

What’s the deal with the socks? Is the question he hears when he travels with them. That question, that opening of a conversation… is exactly the deal. An invitation to connect with someone you may never have spoken to. In an age where we are ALL connected to our phones ( I typed this, you are reading this… it happens) As a whole nation on this Earth, everyone is lonely. As lonely as we have ever been, we are connected via the internet, but one on one conversation, and getting out of our “bubble” is becoming more and more challenging. I mean, when was the last time you made a friend in an airport or on a plane, or bus.

Most humans are engaged in a conversation with their phones. Pink Socks strives to connect people all across the world, urging acts of kindness, sharing and global connectivity.
It isn’t just the spark of asking what the socks are about, Pink Socks is also about gifting without asking anything in return, and boasting local charities. That is how this all starting with Nick and Andrew, they gifted a pair of socks to a stranger and saw his face light up. They wondered if they could make that idea bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and here we are today.

Pink Socks Life is now a non profit, that manufactures thousands of Pink Socks that get delivered directly to Nick and he sends them around the world, or hand delivers them himself! ( I haven’t met anyone that travels like he does… and that is coming from me) This week he flys to a Texas to a school that suffered from a shooting a while back, and he is bringing a pair of socks to each and every student, faculty and staff that is in that school to spread joy and kindness.

We talk about this and so much else in this uplifting episode that reminds all of us, it isn’t just the season. This can happen year round. Let’s spread that love. Head to Pinksock.life to hear how you can help and remember to use the hashtag #pinksockstribe #pinksocks on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Have a Pink Socks Story? I would love to hear about it! Be sure to share in the comments!


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