#131 Two Days in London- What to see, eat, drink, and skip.

#131  Two Days in London- What to see, eat, drink, and skip.

 So you decide to take a quick dip into London, Pittsburgh just opened up a new nonstop on British Airways and we wanted to go! My hubby and I recently returned from a trip that included two days in London, and then we took the Eurostar train to France and spent the last 7 days of the trip in the Normandy region and then finished in Paris.

We split this trip up into 3 podcasts for easy listening and access to our favorite spots in each area.

In London we wanted the BEST food, the coolest folks to meet, the weirdest shows, and of course to check out the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey. There is so much more to do in London, mind you, but this was just a taste. So tune in to hear our favorite spots, our trip itinerary, what to get passes for ahead of time, and some of the fabulous places we found in London. Also what to do when you miss your Eurostar train to Paris. :/

Hello Darlings Immersive Event
Jikoni- so good
We saw something off in the distance and were so relieved this was a hot dog man and not a presidential effigy
Outside Tower of London
Out the window at Duck Waffle

IMG-6644 IMG-6664 IMG-6647 IMG-6645

Check out this sweet spot to stay at to get everywhere in London

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