#124 Ryan O’Shea Talks the Future of Technology.

#124 Ryan O Shea

Technology is scary. I think that as I am drink my new addiction matcha with almond milk latte, and typing on my almost 5 years old laptop that I desperately need to-

A. Update my existing laptop

B. Buy a new one.

I say to myself NOOOOO keep it the same, Marta! I am terrified of the unknown, the new gadget, the learning and stretching of my brain that I cannot control, and frankly think I am too outdated to learn. Anyone else feel like that? I hope so, I hope it isn’t just me. Secretly terrified my laptop will die, and I am forced to face another new form of technological breakthroughs that will “simplify” your life. LIES I TELL YOU!
I am scared of “Big brother” but try not to dwell on it. I have a fear of my niece and nephews being cyborgs, latching onto their internet devices from a young age and never letting go. Ready Player One is real in my mind and it scares the ever living shit out of me. Yes, it also entices me. (It is one of my favorite books) If the future of tech doesn’t scare you, you probably didn’t grow up before the 80’s. lol Stick with me here, I hope I still have you reading.
There are people out there trying to protect us as we drift and push into the future of technology. I am very proud to say two of them are in my hometown. Ryan O’shea and Kenny Chen. We need people like these two. Helping to ask the questions. Should we do this? I know we can, but should we? <— (Thank you Jeff Goldblum)
I think that question is becoming more and more lost as the possibilities catapult forward with the endless excitement over technology. I chat with Ryan about his many endeavors including Pittsburgh AI. The Future Grind Podcast that addresses sit down conversations about all thing tech and what it means for us as a society.

We also touch on his business called Behaivior that created an algorithm that monitors opioid addicts stress levels and alerts friends and family for an intervention. Crazy right? I never knew technology existed like this, but it makes me feel more calm knowing these guys are out there creating things that help preserve our humanity. We chat about this as well. What makes being human, human? The real question in life. You can find Ryan and all his ridiculously intriguing activities on his page, and be sure to check out Behavior because what they are doing will make a difference.

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Ryan O’ Shea

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Kenny Chen- Co-founder of Pittsburgh AI
Kenny Chen- Co-founder of Pittsburgh AI
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