#116 Gemma Hoskins Researcher From “The Keepers” on Netflix

Gemma Hoskins From “The Keepers” on Netflix

This is the lead up to Halloween in which I feature different themes revolving around this holiday. Stories about facing your fears, spooky stories, psychics, magic, murder, and more have been featured, and I could not wait to release this episode.
There was once a suggestion on Netflix given to me by a friend, that suggestion was a documentary called “The Keepers”. I had no clue what the show was about, but trusted the source and one weekend while I was ill decided to binge it. I was instantly hooked.
Where do I even start with this? How do I tell you to watch this show without giving too much away? The story is disturbing, but it is an important one to hear. It revolves around a cold case murder that took place 50 years ago in Baltimore, Maryland. It unfolds to reveal a parallel storyline about female students who are now grown up women that attended the Catholic school named Keough and triggered memories of their time at school.
Secrets, murder, rape, and more come to light in this documentary. You won’t believe what you hear, and who was all involved. It is important especially when so many priests and the Arch Diocese are being currently investigated in many cities across the country, and I believe that “The Keepers” had a huge hand in triggering a lot of this. Remember, this was before Spotlight, and I can not imagine the guts it took for these women and men to come forward, face their pasts, and confront their abusers.
It is truly horrifying, but it has prompted even some friends that have had similar experiences to speak openly about them, and that is important.
I could not wait to release this for the lead up to Halloween especially because Sister  Cathy Cesnick.  IS a Pittsburgh native. She is buried in her hometown of Sharpsburg.
Gemma Hoskins is one of the leading investigators who researched this story. I was honored she took the time to answer my questions about the case, and was very candid about where we are currently in this investigation. Her and friend Abbie Schaub were very brave historians and students of Cathy. They have even been featured on “The View” to talk about the show. Gemma and Abbie spring boarded this investigation, and hopefully with the help of others who have information we will have Justice for Sister Cathy and all the victims of abuse out in the world.
Check out the Justice for Cathy Cesnik and Joyce Malecki Facebook page, and follow along in the events that are unfolding.
Topics discussed-
– How the investigation started and lead to Gemma and Abbie
– How the Netflix show picked up the information and formulated the show.
– Who is Brother Bob? Marta and Gemma discuss.
– Why the police are finally now more involved in working to solve the case.
– Where YOU can take your information if you have leads.
– Does Gemma feel as though we are any closer to solving the case?
– Were the other nuns involved?
– Will there be a season 2 of The Keepers?
Sister Cathy Cesnik. Father Maskell. Courtesy of Netflix
Gemma and Abbie on The View


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