#105 Weird Paul Petroskey Opens Up His Home to Marta On The Move

#105 Weird Paul Opens Up His Home to Marta On The Move

 Do you love weird things? I do. It always peaks my interest when something, or someone sticks out from the normal every day hum drum life. This podcast guest is self proclaimed as being weird, it is even his name, and we are going to get to know him a little bit. His name is Weird Paul Petroskey, and I got to visit him in his home of collected moments, memories, and oddities from the past. 

Weird Paul is the world’s first vlogger, and he started in 1984. 1984!!!!!! Yes, you read that right. He took his parents old video camera, and started recording his everyday life, and eventually progressed to music videos as well. Releasing album after album, and gaining followers that crave that nostalgic feeling. My absolute FAVORITE video of his is “A Phone Call to My 14 Year Old Self”… Genius.

In a time where everything is disposable, those of us who remember what it was like before cell phones, before the internet, really miss that time. For those of you that have never had that, I am sure you are truly curious about what it was like, and Weird Paul is here to help take you back in time.

Paul has captured a ton of interesting, and really weird things that he shares with the world, and we are grateful. I hope he continues to highlight relics that have reemerged from the past, and continue to record fun videos through his original old recording devices. He is supposed to help me try and play some of mine that I lost long ago, and I can’t wait!

A list of subjects we talk about in this episode for your ear’s enjoyment-

-I got to play one of his first audio recordings. <— I love this and used to do the same thing.

-Weird Paul reveals some of the weirdest pieces in his collection

– How you can fix your old cassette tapes

– Weird Paul’s Saturday routine

– What are Weird Paul’s top three movies?

– A spy movie starring Sean Connery’s brother? What?

-What is in Weird Paul’s “Rainy Day Treasure Box”

– There is a second documentary coming out about Paul.

– What does he love about his life? <— Special thanks to Tiz Tiz

– We check out some of his awesome fan mail.

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