#88 Rico Gagliano- Dinner Party Download

#88 Rico Gagliano

Rico Gagliano is creator, and co host of Dinner Party Download, and I was lucky enough to snag him as he was passing through Pittsburgh, to chill with me for a podcast session.  This meant a lot to me, guys.  Dinner Party Download was one of two podcasts (Nerdist being the other), that inspired me to start my own show!  You can imagine how stoked I was to sit down with this guy and pick his brain.

I love DPD, and still listen to this day (If you don’t you are a fool). It is a delightful, cultural blend, that has everything you want out of a podcast.  Jokes, icebreakers, celebrity guests, music choices, cuisine, and etiquette all surrounding a dinner party.

So what happens when you get two podcasters in a room together?  A lot of awesome conversation, and that is what you are going to get right here.  Rico Gagliano has worked in public radio for over a decade, so the guy knows how to speak, plus he has ties to our beloved Pittsburgh.  He attended Pitt for Film Studies, wrote for Pittsburgh City Paper, and the Post Gazette.  After that, Rico moved on to be a reporter for “Marketplace”.  His pieces have also been heard on All Things Considered, The Savy Traveler, and Weekend America.  Rico continues to write works for The Wall Street Journal and Dwell Magazine. 

Dinner Party Download was created when Rico teamed up with co host Brendan Newnam. These two secretly recorded episodes for their idea late at night in the studio. It later got picked up by American Public Media, and we are all excited that it did.

Rico and Brendan are also releasing their first book “Brunch Is Hell” soon, and I cannot wait to pick up a copy when it releases.  My Marta dream is to team up for a live episode, preferably at The Magic Castle.  (Yes, I can’t stop talking about it). One can dream, my friends, one can dream 😉  Tune in, and tell us your ideal dinner party in the comments below.  Post on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and Instagram

Topics discussed-

  • Their new book- “Brunch Is Hell”
  • How the Dinner Party Download Podcast was born
  • The worst etiquette advice from Mel Brooks
  • The story of Elaine Stritch grifting public radio- (Hilarious)
  • The Magic Castle in LA ( Still talking about it)
  • What it’s like working with Kai Ryssdal
  • How Dinner Party Download live events have evolved over the years
  • Editing tips for podcasters
  • The drunkest band Marta has ever seen play
  • What’s on Rico’s mixtape
  • What goes into the post production of their podcast
  • Rewatching the movie Culigula-Yes or No?
  • How to host the perfect dinner party
  • Rico’s ideal dinner party

and much, much more.

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This episode is sponsored by Levity.  Pittsburgh’s premier sensory deprivation experience.  All listeners get $5 off their floats with code “Marta”

Rico Gagliano (credit Kevin Scanlon)
Photo Credit- Kevin Scanlon

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