MOVE X CREATE May 20th @ Ace Hotel Pgh



An idea from the minds of MUV Integrated Physical Culture and Marta On The Move Podcast.

“To move is to create, and to create is to move”

How many times have you had a wonderfully creative idea during a workout, or meditation, only having lost it the moment that life gets in the way when you walk out the door.

Every time people breathe, it’s like filling up a bowl of water. The body fuels the mind, the mind fuels the body, stemming creativity. Movement in, and of itself is the baseline to inspire, and uplift yourself and others, all while building community.

This idea grew, and allowed us to expand upon it to bring you MOVE X CREATE, an event that starts with a spectrum of various movement practices lead by Pittsburgh’s foremost instructors, followed by an immediate outlet for mindful exploration, continuing with playful guided collaboration.

Ticket Price- $25

When- Saturday, May 20th 10:30- 1:30pm

Where- Ace Hotel Pgh

Includes- Live podcast, Music by Dj Swav Pav, workout series, mindful meditation, creative brainstorming, interactive feedback, themed cocktail.

What to bring- Yoga mat, small towel, paper, pens, whatever you are working on, and sense of openness, and curiosity

Schedule of events-

10:30- Live Podcast with the creators- Marta Napoleone Mazzoni and Jhonphilipp Yonan

11:00- QiROM™ Practice lead by MUV Integrated Physical Culture

11:20- Practice- Megan Flinn

11:40- Practice- Clayton Weakley

12:00- Yoga Flow with Stacey Vespaziani

12:20- Mindful Meditation with Stacey Vespaziani

12:30- Personal Creativity Brainstorming Session

1:00- Think tank idea collaboration and games with Pop Craft Art, and Fygment

1:30- A toast at the bar

(Instructors or sequence time frame is subject to change)

Please arrive at 10:15 to get stamped, and take your seat for the short live podcast featuring the creators.

It is our hope that this event becomes a recurring offering from us, that continues to connect like minded people together to uplift, inspire, and fuel creativity in yourself and others. Located in the historic Ace Hotel that has, for years, been an establishment to join communities together. MOVE X CREATE will offer you the chance to take ideas from your mind, and manifest them into creation with the help of movement, meditation, brainstorming and collaboration.

We hope you will join us on this creative odyssey,
-Jhon and Marta

MOVE X CREATE is sponsored by Aldo’s Food Service Inc and NuGO Nutrition

Participating Companies and Instructors-

South Hills Power Yoga

One Point One Yoga

Ascend Pittsburgh

MUV Integrated Physical Culture

Marta On The Move Podcast

Ace Hotel Pittsburgh

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Marta Napoleone Mazzoni and Jhonphilipp Yonan have been best friends for over 25 years, inspiring, uplifting, and motivatiing each other to find their true passions in life, and forge their own paths in the world.

This event was inspired by moments during Marta’s fitness practices. She started to see a pattern, that happened especially during yoga practices that the movement would highly spiked her creative process. She had so many news ideas, or helpful breakthroughs for projects already in motion, if only she could write them down, then and there. However, when class ended, and those ideas usually got pushed to the back of the mind, or forgetten all together as day to day tasks took their place.

Marta mentioned this to Jhon one day, and MOVE X CREATE was born. An event that fuses movement, and a high creative process think tank immediately after that workout practice had finished. Taking it a step further we wanted to incorporated the gaining of new perspectives from collaboration as well, joining together game play to help guests take their projects to the next level, and form great bonds with like minded community members.

“We sincerely hope that everyone involved with the event will take away a huge shift in whatever goals, or creative practices they are working on, while forming new bonds in the community. Movement has fueled our friendship for years, and has ignited so many wonderful ideas, this one being one of the best, and we hope to see you there!” – Marta and Jhon

Our proud sponsors-

Aldo’s Foods Inc is a Pittsburgh’s source for a full line family owned, and operated food distribution center.  Operating since 1941, Aldo’s Foods strives to bring competitive pricing, sustainable product, and top notch service to restaurants, bars, hotels, deli’s, pizza shops, and more to the Pittsburgh and Surrounding area.

We pride ourselves in being “On-Point” when it comes to our customers. When it comes to customer service and top quality products we are second to none.

Here are a few things that make our company shine:

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Friendly Drivers – We make sure that you get treated like a valuable customer from order placement to delivery. We make sure all our drivers are helpful and curtious because your business is important to us.
Low Employee Turnover Rate – This one says it all. When you have employees that have been with you for 20+ years it eliminates mistakes caused by inexperience.
On top of our quality brands and top notch customer service we also have the facility to service all of our customers.

Aldo’s Foods, “You’re with family now!”

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NuGO Nutrition

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