#97 Patrick Cannon- Creator of Mulligan

#97 Patrick Cannon

I met Patrick over 10 years ago when we both starred in a musical at Robert Morris College. The musical was 1776. Patrick starred as John Adams, and I played Charles Thomson (Yes I played a man, and slayed it. Btw). This was a very magical show for everyone involved. In fact, both my brother, and sister starred in the musical as well, and the entire cast grew very close. Years later, we still keep in touch, and remember it fondly.

During the production, it became very clear to everyone that this young actor named Patrick with the booming voice and stage presence was going to do great things. Patrick was around the Pittsburgh acting scene years later, having worked at many production companies including-Pittsburgh CLO, Front Porch Theatricals, Bricolage Production Company, and the No Name Players. He then decided to try his hand at NYC where he has resided since, and continues his acting career. Pittsburgh, has never left him though.

A few months ago I received a message from Pat about a script he was writing called Mulligan. His excitement was palpable, you couldn’t help but get wrapped up in whatever this project was. He asked if he could get my opinion on the script, and of course I said yes. I was about to board a plane to Morocco, and delighted in the reading material to occupy the time.

I quickly found myself lost in the pages. It was, in a sentence, a homage to our beloved Pittsburgh. The story in based in here, and centers around a character named Jack O’Mally. A golf prodigy, a convict, an addict, and a man with a story. “Mulligan-is a story of family, addiction, redefining home, and the pursuit of redemption”

I got to catch up with Patrick the day after they wrapped the pilot. Just one look at him told me how exhausted, and worn down he was from the process, but I am still happy we got to reconnect and chat about this awesome piece of work he has created with an all star cast. I can’t wait to see where it goes! Tune in.

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