#95 Angelmakers- Songs For Female Serial Killers Creators Rusty Thelin and Molly Rice from Real/ Time Interventions

#95 Angelmakers- Songs For Female Serial Killers

What is it about serial killers that makes us interested in them? My Netflix account is full with documentaries about them.  Thousands of books have been written about them.  Even I, at a young age was obsessed with all the information I could find. Why they did what they did, and more so, HOW could they do it.

In my lead up to Halloween I found something happening in Pittsburgh that I felt was the perfect fit. Angelmakers- Songs For Female Serial Killers written by Molly Rice and Rusty Thelin from Real/Time Interventions that shows at the new Aftershock Theater in Pittsburgh.

Men get enough of the spotlight in this area. Fish, Bundy, Gacy, Gaskins, Gibbs, or my personal favorite, Holmes. ( The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America is the best book, folks)

There isn’t as much spotlight on women as there are on men, so it is interesting that Real/Time Interventions decided to create a true crime rock concert to showcase some of these women. The show runs October 25th to November 11th. I for one can’t wait to gain some new perspective in their troubled lives.

The show will feature an all female band, comprised of both local and international talent including- Milia Ayache, Michele Dunlap, and Zorahna.  After all, #everyonederservesonesong

Go check my previous episode on Castle Blood, if case you missed it, and stay tuned for True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh Part III!

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